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Working from home


As the world of human interactions and meetings has swiftly changed from in-person to virtual, we have all rapidly adapted and pivoted to minimize the disruption to our day-to-day work and home lives. Companies have moved to virtual meetings to maintain team connections and ensure business-as-usual. However, while virtual meetings can get the job done, they do have their limitations, with attendees losing focus during presentations and a great chance of outside distractions moving attention away from the content. Virtual scribing bridges this connectivity gap. 


Adding the WOW to your virtual meetings

Hands up if you are hitting your virtual meeting limit.  I bet every single one of you has put your hand in the air and, as a result, every single one of you is looking for a different way to conduct your meetings; a way to combat the ‘Zoom’ fatigue we are all feeling,  a way to invigorate your meetings. A Virtual Scribe is the answer. Virtual scribes fit seamlessly into your meetings, increasing your attendees’ ability to follow to flow of the meeting, to maintain concentration and understanding of the information shared. Your visual scribe provides a point of focus as they chart the meeting content and create a visual of the information being shared; in real-time. This visual is then available post-meeting to share with attendees and as a starting point and springboard for subsequent meetings. 

Working with us is easy
  • AGENDA - Share your agenda with us so that we can identify how best to support your meeting.

  • PLANNING -Schedule a time to connect with us to plan how we will work together during the meeting, along with any images and content that can be prescribed.

  • PRESCRIBE - Templates, sketches, etc. are created to support your meeting.

  • TECH PREP/ CHECK - We join the meeting early to check that the technology is working perfectly

  • SHOWTIME - While you are facilitating your scribe is capturing the content of your meeting in realtime.

  • CONNECT - ENGAGE - THINK DIFFERENTLY - Visuals can be shared with attendees after the meeting, they are an effective way to share the meeting content and outcomes. These visuals also serve as a great starting point for subsequent meetings.

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