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How to Start Your Own Sketch Notes.......

Visual notes are powerful tools.  65% of us are visual learners, which means that when we doodle we absorb more information than we do by simply listening.  By you adding images to your notes, you are 80% more likely to retain and recall the content of your notes. Try adding a few simple images to your notes and see the benefit for yourself.  Remember - these notes aren't being hung in a museum.  There is no right or wrong; just use what works for you.  Below are a few easy images to help you get started:

How to draw....... a banner is simple with just a few lines

How to draw....... by combining curves and lines, you'll have a pencil drawn in no time

How to draw....... It might be simple but this trick give depth to your drawing

How to draw....... Curves are the key to this quick drawing

How to draw....... Have fun with this light bulb drawing, you'll be amazed at how often you can use it

How to draw....... Let's put all of our shapes together and draw a clock

For more information on visual notes, visual notetaking and graphic facilitation in Boston contact us at the link below. We look forward to talking to you soon and joining you on your scribing journey

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